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Develop Confidence In Uncertain Times! This course is designed to teach the student how to adopt a lifestyle of personal safety habits that harden them as a target, develop situational awareness, identify pre-assault indicators and recognize when you're being "sized up", and Verbal De-Escalation Concepts.
What You Will Learn:
  • Missouri Laws on Self Defense & Defense of Others (when you can use physical force and how much)
  • Legal Defense & Liability Concerns. How to Respond To Law Enforcement Response
  • Response Options to attempted "Car Jacking"
  • Response Options & Considerations for Encountering Protesters and Riot Areas.
  • Fundamental Concepts of Home Security & Building a Reliable Safety Plan Against Burglaries.
  • Legal Authority & Liability To Protect Businesses, Personal Property etc. 
  • Identify Specific Items To Carry With You In Your Vehicle and On Your Person Daily.
  • Identify Social Media & Digital Safety Traps Criminals Use To Take Advantage Of You!
This course is great for men and women, ages 18 and up.
Learn what to do when trouble finds you! 
This course is taught by our lead Instructor who has over a decade of experience in Law Enforcement, and has trained over 6,000 students on concepts of self defense, security, and response to violence. This class will be extremely informative as well as a great time with a lot of laughs!
Date: February 13th 6:00 PM - 9:30PM
Course Length: 3.5 Hours
Cost: $50.00 individual or $70 for married couples
Location: SFI Training Center 7342 W. Farm Road 170 Suite D. Republic Missouri 65738
Limited to first 15 students.

"It's Not The Violence That Sets Man Apart, It's The Distance He Is Prepared To Go"
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