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Church Security Ministry Advanced Training Topics

We each have to take the personal responsibility for our safety, including the responsibility to be proficient and effective in our position we serve. We offer additional training for Churches and Individual members who have the desire to learn more and grow in their ministry. 

Pistol Applications for the Church Environment level 1

This Course is designed for the beginner or seasoned veteran.  This course will teach and reinforce the fundamentals of shooting a handgun at a defensive distance.  The course begins in the classroom to train the mind in self-defense, then we train the body in practical skillsets that will enhance the student’s survival capabilities when faced with a life-threatening situation. We will also cover important relevant legal use of force information, and civil liabilities.

Topics Covered:

  • Shooting Stance

  • Grip

  • Sight Alignment

  • Trigger press

  • Draw stroke

  • Loading

  • Reloading technique

  • Malfunction Clearing

  • Use of cover

  • Multiple threat engagement

$150.00 Per Student or Group Rates Apply

Pistol Applications for the Church Environment level 2

This is an advanced gunfighter course designed to equip the student with essential skills required for public engagements. Each student will walk away with the ultimate survival mindset. We explain how the brain and body perform under extreme levels of stress and how to increase performance, and then our unique training concepts will begin building skills for success. 


Topics Covered:

  • Proper Concealment Options

  • Rapid Deployment 

  • Immediate Action Drills

  • Multiple Threat Engagement

  • Moving Targets

  • Moving Drills

  • Obstacle Course

  • Alternate Shooting Positions

  • Moving Through Crowds 

  • Ballistics and Shooting Angles

  • Shot Placement & Body Armor

  • Support Hand & Single Hand Shooting

  • Physical Weapon Retention

  • Shoot or Don't Shoot Scenarios

$200.00 Per Student or Group Rates Apply. This is a 2-day Course

Verbal De-Escalation & Conflict Resolution

The advanced Verbal De-escalation training will provide a robust and reputable 8 step tactical communication model for participants to apply in the role play scenarios. This course WILL help the student better respond to situations that arise with a person who is angry, emotional, depressed, or has mental health issues. 

Learn what Police Negotiators use and achieve success with. 

$75 Per Student or Group Rates Apply

Shield Force Control Techniques (SFCT)

This physical hands on class will instruct the Church Security member on camera friendly physical control techniques to use against an uncooperative and violent individual. This could be an intoxicated person or an angry youth member. We have gathered the best most effective techniques from several different disciplines and put them together in an easy to learn, retain, and perform curriculum for the student. 

The techniques we teach our instructors have personally performed with success in real life situations in Law Enforcement and Private Sector Security. 

$100.00 Per Student or Group Rates Apply

Lock Down & Evacuation

Join us for an in depth look at proper Lock Down & Evacuation procedures. This training will also give the student practice tools to take back to their facility to successfully perform test drills with their staff. We will teach you how to train other volunteers on their vital role in the Lock Down and Evacuation process. Including what to do AFTER the Lock Down. 

Lock Down and Evacuations don't have to be complicated. We have a tried and true method for simplifying the process where it makes sense, and is easy for others to follow to achieve a team success.

$75.00 Per Student or Group Rates Apply

Force on Force Training

Join us to participate in Force on Force role playing scenarios on Church Security topics. We will cover shoot & don't shoot topics, building searching, verbal de-escalation, legal concerns, use of proper cover & concealment, and shot placement. 

This training is conducted as realistic as possible, creating a stressful environment for the student and pushes their failure point in order to learn and grow. 

Pricing starts at $75.00 Per Student and Group Rates apply.

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