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Knife Attack.

"Why Didn't He Use The Taser? He Only Had A Knife?"

West Freeway Church of Christ Church Shooting Video

Video circulating around the internet shows the suspect stand up and approach a male standing up at the back of the church and a short verbal exchange occured before the suspect made what appears to be furtive movements and removed a short shotgun (from reports) from under concealment. You see a second man stand up and attempt to draw his firearm but appears he was unsuccesful in deploying it before the suspect was able to shoot him, and then turn and shoot another male in the corner. At this point we see a uniformed person draw a pistol and fire 1 shot and the suspect falls.
Since this is an ongoing situation and very little information has been released, we don't know anything for certain. But it appears the suspect was dressed unusual compared to the rest of the worshipers. We don't know if he was a first time visitor or a regular attendee. But in our training we commonly talk about the person who just doesn't look right, dressed unusual or exhibiting unusual behavior. Unfortunately in a lot of cases the untrained or under experienced under react or rationalize away the unusual behavior and hesitate. It is very important to trust your "gift of fear" and insticts and be as proactive as humanly possible when it comes to safety concerns like these.
I commend the uniformed man who was able to deploy his firearm and make an accurate shot stopping the killer. This is what having trained security on site provides, an immediate response that quickly mitigates the commission of criminal behavior. No telling how many lives were saved today because a good man was present with a firearm.
Another thing to note here in this case is how the crowd responded. Absent training (both mentally and physically) the vast majority of people hesitate and freeze which allow them to become an easy target. I think some of the people present were in disbelief of what was happening. Below I will add a picture of the difference in response on the trained vs untrained.
We will add more to this later as more details arise.  
January 17th we are providing an Active Shooter training seminar open to the public (by registration only) at the Republic Police Department at 6:00PM. We will be discussing what to do in these situations and helping you understanding the importance of mental training and planning. 

Protecting Children!

This video shows a woman walking down the side walk, retreieve a fixed blade knife and stab a small child in the face two times. Then return and attempt to do it again before decided to go after the other child. The parents finally reacted and pushed her way and thankfully she wasn't a highly determined attacker. This video shows the reality of how quickly attacks can happen. Can we prevent this 100%? No, I don't believe you can. Yes, there are several things we can do in our daily lives that can reduce the opportunity for this type of attack, but what I want to focus on here is being aware of your surroundings, and most importantly being trained and prepared for an IMMEDIATE action! Hesitation is what causes more damage and will get you killed. Again, we may not be able to see EVERYTHING before it happens, but we can ensure we are trained to the level we have an IMMEDIATE reaction capability. And carry the tools you need to succeed. This is a deady force threat, that should have been met by one parent shielding the kids/evacuating them while the other responded with lethal force.   

Keep Training!

Focus on your goals, never give up, keep working, and never be a good little victim! 
P.S. Mag changes are never as smooth when it's 10 degrees outside :-)

Police Shoot Suspect With a  Knife

So many valuable lessons to be had here...
1. Accuracy matters most
2. Bullets Fail
3. Just because a suspect goes down doesn't mean "he's down"
4. Never drop your guard, always scan and maintain lethal cover
5. Training Matters, both physically and mentally
6. Run these scenarios through your mind ahead of time
7. Don't get caught in the thinking suicidal people aren't dangerous, they are and will kill you in a split second. Yes, you should be compassionate and try to de-escalate when possible but it reaches a point when that's no longer possible and you are placing yourself at a severe disadvantage. Don't get stuck in an OODA loop. Constantly evaluate your position, and decision. 
Please email us your feedback and thoughts on this.

Attempted Car Jacking

So many valuable lessons to be had here...
1. PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings. Never be surprised by anyone but especially a suspect with a shirt wrapped around his head carrying a gun. Never let a threat get that close without reacting. 
2. Carry a Firearm for protection if you're legally able to, and take professional training so you are proficient in using it to defend your life in this type of situation. 
3. It's not ideal, but sometimes we might find ourselves "hands on" with a suspect and maybe even on the ground. You must learn how to fight and defend yourself. Being on the ground is potentially very deadly, and as we saw here sometimes there's a friend or "cuz" that comes out and could stomp your head or worse shoot you. 
4. Mentally plan and prepare yourself to WIN a violent encounter. "The body can't go where the mind hasn't been"
And last...In order to be a well rounded warrior you must have Willingness, Decisiveness, and Aggressiveness!
stay safe! and If you can't be safe be dangerous ;-) 

Officer Induced Jeopardy?

We don’t have all of the information yet so I won’t make any comments on this specific video, however we have seen cases very similar to this which has brought up the question and concern of “Officer Induced Jeopardy”. Do officers have an obligation to limit the amount of jeopardy they intentionally place themselves in? Such as purposely moving in front of a vehicle, then using the justification for force that the driver was trying to use the vehicle to assault or injure them.

Once again, I am not making any conclusions on this individual case or stating that is what I believe was done here. I am just using this video to touch on a very important topic in law enforcement training today and that is “officer induced Jeopardy” and how to effectively manage it. In fact we have designed a class for this specific reason, and discuss several use of force scenarios and liability concerns based on contemporary police practices and court rulings.

Some have suggested the notion of Officer Induced jeopardy is a way to hurt officers. I would argue the exact opposite. If we train officers to limit the amount of jeopardy they intentionally place themselves in, as a result we will have less injuries and officers killed in the line of duty. So if you care about your people, I would consider this topic and seeking training.  

A recent case similar in Republic, Missouri just settled a law suit which topped 1 Million dollars. Story can be found here

Things can turn deadly in seconds!

Police Officers know how quickly things can turn deadly! Thankfully this officer had prompt backup and survived. I commend her for her immediate response and attempting to control the gun, that is never a situation you want to find yourself in. If you're a police officer reading this please let this serve as a reminder to never cut corners, never get complacent, never sacrifice your tactics and train as much as possible. There are men and women out there today willing to kill you for absolutely nothing. Stay safe brothers and sisters! Hold that line but ALWAYS go home at night to your family! 

Concealed Carry Holder Defends His Life

Watch how quickly a life or death situation can occur. Thankfully this gentleman had the right mindset and tools to safely protect himself and his employee from being a good little victim and getting on the ground. Are you ready and equipped for an event like this at your workplace? Robberies are happening daily across America. Take the opportunity and seek training and take our pledge "NO VICTIMS HERE".  

Reason to avoid confrontations!

Viewer Discretion is advised!
The phrase "You win 100% of the fights you don't get in" comes to mind here. While we can't hear what is being said, I can tell you anytime there's a confrontation starting you need to begin planning. Creating distance, looking for an escape route, maneuvering to a point of advantage should the person produce a weapon (goes for the bystanders too). Something I learned as a young man from one of the very best; "We fight with our mind. Our hands, feet and weapons are an extension of our will" (BJ Johnson). No matter how great you think you are in your fighting skills, be a thinker FIRST. 

Deadly Consequences

Viewer Discretion is advised!
As a Police Officer I believe it is your top priority to know how to adequately fight and defend yourself in addition to knowing how to properly restrain an individual. Now there will always be someone bigger, stronger, and a better fighter than you so I am not recommending you forget about the other valuable less lethal or force multiplier tools we have. But I know so many who rely solely on those tools and never take additional training on this subject. Each situation is different and calls for different solutions. 
One thing to note is that in today's world it's not uncommon to see someone standing around filming instead of helping the officer. Your safety is a personal responsibility and you can't rely on others to stand in and help or your backup to be there in time. 
As you can see from this video things can turn ugly very quickly. One or two blows to the head bouncing off concrete could render you unconscious. 
We offer Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) courses to Police Officers to adequately prepare them for these types of encounters!  
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