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Ambush Survival For Law Enforcement

The rate of deadly assaults against Law Enforcement are at a record high. Officers nationwide are being ambushed spontaneously and pre-planned. Attend this training to learn the most valuable lessons that WILL help you survive! This class will review the recent attacks in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Phoenix, and several other ambush cases.
  • Identifying the two types of Ambush Attacks
  • How to Prevent and Avoid an Ambush
  • Ambushed while taking meal breaks
  • Ambushed while inside patrol vehicle
  • Ambushed while on Foot Patrol
  • Ambushed during "routine" call for service
  • Ambush attacks at large scale events and how to properly plan for them (great for command staff).
  • Secondary Response Considerations
  • Officer Rescue Techinques and Strategies 
  • Survival Mindset and building the will to WIN!
  • Life saving trauma care applications in the field.
  • And recent ambush attack case reviews from Dallas, Baton Rouge, and several others.

Life Saving Trauma Care and Bleeding Control

This class features a 1 hour block on Field Trauma Care and Bleeding Control techniques. We teach how to properly apply tactical tourniquets, quick clot combat gauze, lists for items needed for a trauma kit for each Officer. We will also discuss how much blood a body can loose before certain affects start taking place, how much blood each part of the body can potentially loose, and options and strategies for getting yourself or others into a safe area to properly administer care.


 "5 of us that were with you yesterday, are in a training class today in Springfield. 

We are all still talking about your presentation.  All have agreed..... best we've ever been to. And 4 of us here are 20 plus veterans. "

Upcoming Classes:
Little Rock AR Police Dept. 2/11/2021 $200.00
Blue Springs MO Police Dept. 2/26/2021 $200.00
St. Joseph MO Police Dept. 3/4/2021 $200.00
Mannford OK Police Dept. 3/15/2021 $200.00
Norman OK Police Dept. 3/23/2021 $200.00
Florence AL Police Dept. 3/25/2021 $200.00
Tyler Tx Police Dept. 9/23/2021 $200.00
If your agency would like to host an Ambush Survival Seminar please contact us and we would be glad to schedule something with you!
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