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"Willingness, Decisiveness, Aggressiveness"...The three characteristics of all professional defenders. That is what this course is designed to produce in each student.


This is NOT a live fire shooting course. Shooting is only the "HOW". We must also learn the "WHEN" and "WHY". This is a classroom course based on operational philosophy, mental preparation, learning tactical movements, working as a team, and understanding the best strategies to prevent, and approach deadly threats.  


Topics Covered:

  • Active shooters/threats.

  • Pre-assault indicators

  • Develop situational awareness

  • Proper response to active threats

  • Preventative Concepts

  • Deploying your firearm into the fight

  • Target Requirements

  • Safe handling in crowded environments

  • How the brain works under stress and why that’s important 

  • How the body works and the performance limitations we experience under stress plus much more!

This class will equip the student with the Ultimate Survival Mindset!

WHEN: March 28th 08:00AM-4:00PM

WHERE: Shield Force training center 

7342 W. Farm Road 170 Suite D.  Republic Missouri

COST: $100.00 each or group rates apply

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