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Verbal De-Escalation & Conflict Resolution

This class provides training and awareness in the area of Verbal De-Escalation & Conflict Resolution strategies.


  • Training will provide a robust and reputable 8 step communication model for participants to apply in the role play scenarios. This course WILL help the student better respond to situations that arise with a person who is angry, emotional, depressed, or has mental health issues & experiencing a crisis.

  • Step by step instructions to de-escalate the most common problems that arise in today’s church environment.

  • Understanding human behaviors, triggers, and needs.

  • Steps for building rapport which leads to influencing or changing behavior.

  • Personal Safety Training & Awareness Principals

Course Length: 4 Hours
Cost: $75.00
Next Class: April 2nd 6:00-9:00PM 
Location: Shield Force Training Center

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger"

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