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Executive Protection / Family Defender

Training Course

Now Accepting Applications!
Course: September 9-11th 2022 in Republic Missouri.

This is one of our most Prestigious, Realistic, Relevant and Valuable courses we offer.

It is a 3-day, challenging course (8-14 hour days) that is limited to the first 10 students who apply and are accepted. There is a Live Exercise the last night of the class where students will have the opportunity to put their newly learned skills to the test. Each team will successfully design a functioning operational plan, and carry out a protection assignment with clients. 

This course is required to be considered for future protection job opportunities with Shield Force International*



This course will help those looking to get into the industry of Executive Protection / Armed Security or for those serving on a Church Security Team tasked with protecting other people. It is also for the individual who enjoys training and being prepared for all situations and wants to learn how to better protect their family while on vacations or during times of chaos/disaster.

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Executive Protection Certificate for the

The framed certificate you will receive upon completion of this course will indicate that you have met or exceeded the required standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a protection professional.

Student Application:

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