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Family Survival Academy

Shield Force has recognized the need for a course specifically suited for families to help bring them closer together and prepare them for natural and man made disasters. Through this class each of your family members will learn life saving skills such as:
Topics of Instruction:
  • Response to an Active Shooter in a public place or school
  • Street survival and Hand to Hand Combat
  • Personal safety protection and avoidance (including children defense and anti-kidnap)
  • Situational Awareness (How to tell when you're being "Sized Up")
  • Advanced First Aid and Trauma care (gunshot & stab wounds), including CPR. 
  • Firearms Safety Skills
  • Basic Marksmanship and fundamentals of "Gun Fighting"
  • Firearms equipment and gear selection
  • Wilderness Survival Skills (Gear, Mapping, Emergency Planning, Communications, Cold Weather etc)
  • Emergency Food and Water Supplies for emergency situations
  • Emergency Survival Gear for home and vehicles
  • Home Security and response to an intruder, including castle doctrine and use of force laws
  • Learn what to say, and what steps to take after using deadly force (dealing with law enforcement)
  • Fully customized family survival action plan for each family member 
  • Each student will receive our Family Survival Academy Comprehensive Guide
  • Family will receive a Picture and Certificate suitable for framing.
 We provide this training on site at your choosing or at the Shield Force classroom in Republic, Missouri.
The Family Survival Academy consists of 15 hours of hands on instruction that can be divided into 5 weekly 3 hour sessions or a weekend class.
Bring up to 8 Family members from your immediate or extended family.
Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will customize this course to meet your family needs and skill level.
PRICE: $2,000.00  
Special Promotional offer through December only $1,500.00
Classes do not have to be conducted in December but must be purchased and scheduled prior to January 1st.
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