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Contemporary Leadership Academy

Join us for a prestigious 2-day leadership academy personalized for modern day professionals. This workshop is only for those who are passionate about learning key strategies on how to better influence the world around them, as well as becoming the best leader and teammate, given their own unique strengths and personal styles. 
  1. New Cutting Edge Leadership Strategies and Techniques.
  2. How to Develop and Establish a Culture of Leadership and Trust.
  3. How to Motivate and Inspire Action In Yourself and Others.
  4. How to Increase Engagement and Workplace Productivity.
  5. Expert Secrets in How to Change Behavior and Get Fast Results!
  6. How to Boost Morale and Reduce Turnover
  7. Effective Communication Strategies for Millennials
  8. Dealing with Objections and Outward Criticism 
Plus So Many More Valuable Topics It's Too Much to List!​

People and Society Are Constantly Changing, Are You Growing as a Leader?


Register Today to Become an Extraordinary Leader!

Students will walk away with an unforgettable experience and time of learning that will change the way they see and operate in the world forever! Participants will also leave with written actionable steps to take back and immediately implement to improve your agency! Reserve your spots today if you are ready to TAKE ACTION, SEE PROGRESS, and GET RESULTS!


Shield Force is committed to deliver only TOP QUALITY education at the HIGHEST standards! Shield Force has trained thousands of law enforcement personnel across the United States on a variety of law enforcement and professionalism topics that has directly contributed to massive increases in workplace performance, goal setting and attainment, purpose and drive, and so much more!


This will NOT be your typical leadership conference with a police veteran with 35 years in LE sharing stories on what worked in a specific town or a decade ago! During this Leadership Academy, Shield Force will be bringing in an industry expert in the field of leadership to teach practical applications in the newest leadership trends, powerful coaching techniques, and simple leadership strategies that you can apply to your organization now for IMMEDIATE RESULTS! 

About The Instructor

Andy Coombes.jpg



Shield Force International brings years of Law Enforcement experience and training to the table and we have partnered with an instructor who is trained and certified in the same methodologies and teachings used by world renowned Leadership Expert, Life Coach, and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins! He does an outstanding job, and brings several outside perspectives as well as internal Law Enforcement concepts that really challenge the way we think and act as leaders both at work and during our personal lives.

Andy Coombes is a Board Certified Executive Leadership Coach who knows exactly how to deliver and get results fast! Andy is also a Strategic Interventionist who has coached and trained individuals and organizations all over the United States. He has a masters degree from Missouri State University and graduated with honors, he is a business owner and leads employees of his own to achieve extreme success.  


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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