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Realtor Personal Security

"When Seconds Count Police Are Minutes Away"

You’re meeting a person – generally alone and mostly in an empty property. You may be all over the web and social media, allowing anyone to profile your potential assets, looks, work patterns etc. This is know as “crime by appointment.”


Are you a soft or hard target in the eyes of a predator? Learn how to avoid dangerous situations before they even start by recognizing what behavior patterns to pay attention to, and developing a personal safety plan beforehand.


We know it's impossible to recognize 100% of the threats before they happen, so we will also teach you essential physical survival skills to defend yourself against an attack and aid in your escape.


Headline News Reports:

  • "According to the release, Rowland was looking at apartments to rent with a local real estate agent. When they got to the last apartment, he cornered the agent in a bedroom and raped her, the release said."

  • "A local realtor preparing to show a vacant house in Elkhart was reportedly raped in the basement of that house."

  • He wrote in a note, “I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.” He compiled a list with more than 200 names, addresses and personal information about targets, according to Lehigh Valley Live, and was was fixated on raping real estate agents.

Register for a class today!

Date:  March 4th 2021

Time: 08:00-12:00

Location: SFI Training Center. 7342 W. Farm Rd 170, Suite D Republic Missouri 65738

Cost: $45.00

Students must pre-register due to limited seating. Class sizes are intentionally kept small (15 students) to ensure everyone receives hands on instruction and walks away with confidence and capability.

Students will receive a receipt for tax purposes and a certificate of completion. 


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